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We supply and install the very latest High Definition or Standard resolution CCTV systems for both domestic properties and commercial premises.

Whether your requirements are a simple camera connected directly to your TV set, or a multi camera system incorporating the latest technology, to protect your property; we can tailor a solution to suit your requirements and budget. Many clients have systems installed purely for peace of mind

All our cameras and DVRs are manufactured for us.

We use the latest High Definition DVR’s with the capability to record in broadcast quality 1080p high definition. Couple this with up to a 24tb built in Hard Drive, it means that months of CCTV footage can be stored. The DVR records in real time on all cameras, ensuring nothing is missed. In addition the in-built instant detective software, means searching through hours of footage is a thing of the past.

This feature means that by simply highlighting an area on a recording (for example a broken wing mirror on your car),or a stranger at the door the instant detective can search and scan footage in seconds and take you straight to the event.

Our HD cameras all use ‘Night Devil’ technology, meaning they can detect in complete darkness.  Add in a camera with built in infra-red capability, and identification of someone at the door in darkness is possible.

For the commercial property, no matter if café, public house, restaurant or retail unit; we can accommodate your requirements.  We can install camera(s) either covertly (e.g. as smoke alarm, wall clock, or mirror) with the mirror cameras Shoplifters have been recorded looking directly at the ‘mirror’ to adjust their hair, before going on to steal goods.  With a mirror camera installed, 80% of the time the shoplifter will look directly at the camera.  Better still, install a PTZ camera and cover multiple points with one camera.

All our CCTV systems can be accessed remotely, via the internet using any computer/tablet/smartphone; meaning you are able to view your cameras from anywhere in the world. Playback of recordings is also available when connecting remotely.

It is also possible to talk to intruders to alert them that you are aware of their presence.

The DVR can be set to email you if a device is triggered.  The DVR will send three jpeg images (one just before, one at the event, and one after the event).  This enables you to contact the authorities if required as an event happens.

Sample CCTV still images

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